BOOK OF FLIGHT: 10 Record-Breaking Animals with Wings

written by Gabrielle Balkan      |      illustrated by Sam Brewster 
published by Phaidon      |      June 2019
ages 5-12 |    48 pages    |    11" x 12"     |     touch-and-feel finishes
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A stunning world-records book of animal flight, by the author-and-illustrator team behind the bestselling Book of Bones!

Meet ten fascinating flyers through a series of superlatives – and guess who's who while learning about airborne animals. From the fastest (white-throated needletail) to the most acrobatic (flying fox bat), and from the best glider (colugo) to the best backward flyer (hummingbird), each master of flight is cleverly depicted in a blueprint-inspired diagram, accompanied by playful, informative text. The stunning page-turn reveal features a full-color illustration and an explanation of what makes each animal's way of flying so special.

  • Appealing text that incorporates fascinating facts. The engaging alternation of Brewster’s cool blue schematics and vivid, stylized illustrations accented with textural printing complements the clever format.” — Publisher’s Weekly, full review

  • "This cool, oversized picture book gives readers clues about unique flying creatures then asks readers to guess the bird using the clues and the illustration.” — Imagination Soup

About Book of Bones

  • “[Gives] both casual browsers and budding naturalists plenty to gnaw on. . . .A rib-tickling gallery.” Kirkus

  • “A stylish introduction to how specialized and different bones can be.” Publisher's Weekly

  • "A visually elegant introduction to evolutionary specialization that's both playful and thought-provoking." — Natural History Magazine

  • "This is a splendid book... An excellent introduction to skeletal anatomy." — Montessori International